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Phishing Email

What are Phishing Emails?

Phishing is a term given to a new crime that is rapidly growing on the Internet

Phishing is the use of forged (fake) email messages that claim to be from a company that you may trust, usually a bank or other financial organisation (E.g. PayPal, Ebay, Natwest, Bank of America etc.).

The Phishing emails will often look exactly like you would expect a legitimate message from your bank to look, they will use the same colours, logos and form items for you to complete.

The difference is that when you submit your information you will not be sending it to the real company, it will be sent to a criminal gang who can then use that information to either withdraw money from your account or perform other criminal acts such as identity theft.

How to protect yourself from Phishing emails

The techniques that the criminal gangs are using are getting more advanced each week, and the Phishing emails can easily be mistaken for legitimate messages. Without adequate email protection you are at severe risk of being tricked into giving away your account details. ClearMyMail offers complete protection against all spam and Phishing emails, blocking them all before they reach yoiur computer. Try ClearMyMail for Free.

There are a few basic things you can check on emails which will help you to spot a Phishing email. Please follow the guides below for tips on how to protect yourself against Phishing emails...

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