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Spam Index, Q2 2008 Part 3

Top 10 UK Companies Targeted by Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails

ClearMyMail also evaluated the Top 10 most popular company names used by email fraudsters when targeting the personal finance industry; Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) had previously only received 0.02% of the total proportion of phishing emails blocked and therefore did not rank high enough for the Top 10 for Q1 2008; this has quite dramatically changed, taking them well into the lead with 42.78% of all phishing emails aimed at them.

Top 10 UK Companies Targeted by Phishing Attacks

1. Royal Bank of Scotland = 42.78% of all Phishing emails blocked were targeting RBS
2. Abbey = 18.28%
3. Halifax = 9.77%
4. Natwest = 7.06%
5. PayPal = 6.79%
6. Citi card/bank = 4.75%
7. Lloyds TSB = 4.70%
8. HSBC = 3.36%
9. Nationwide = 0.93%
10. Barclays = 0.82%

Comparatively to Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax has once again crept its way up the fraudsters’ rankings. The final quarter of 2007 resulted in Halifax only receiving 0.8% of the total proportion of phishing emails blocked, in Q1 2008 this had raised to 8.49% and now, at the end of Q2 2008, this figure is 9.77%.

On the contrary, Citi Card/Bank has dropped 4 places in ClearMyMail’s Top 10; previously amounting to 19.15% of all emails blocked and now plummeting to 4.75%. MBNA has consistently received the least amount of spam emails, going from 0.5% in Q4 2007, to just 0.57% in Q1 2008 and now off the Top 10 list altogether, with just 0.12% this quarter.

Top 10 UK ISP's Who's Customers Receive the Most Spam

2008 Q1 Spam Index Contents

1. Introduction to the ClearMyMail Spam Index, Q2 2008
2. Top 10 Countries Sending Spam to UK Email Accounts
3. Top 10 UK Companies Targeted by Phishing Attacks
4. Top 10 UK ISP's Who's Customers Receive the Most Spam
5. Comment and Summary

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