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The Clear My Mail spam blocker is a total spam filtering solution, blocking all spam and virus emails before they reach your computer.

Clear My Mail spam blocker is the only spam blocker to offer a guaranteed 100% success rate. We guarantee that you will never receive another unwanted email on your computer.

18 Stage Spam Filter and Virus Blocker

Using a unique set of 18 separate spam filters and virus blockers we provide the highest and most accurate level of protection available (More Info).

ClearMyMail Compatibility

The ClearMyMail Spam Blocker is compatible with any standard email program. You do not need to change your email address and we guarantee you will not receive any unwanted emails again.

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Clear My Mail Enterprise Spam Filter

Enterprise spam filter product The Clear My Mail Enterprise spam filter is for larger organisations or those who would like an entire domain protected from spam and other unwanted email.

The Enterprise Spam Filter works at the domain level, filtering spam emails for all of your e-mail accounts - blocking spam before it reaches your own network.

Offering the same 100% spam filter as ClearMyMail Spam Blocker, Clear My Mail Enterprise Spam Filter adds a whole host of other features to help you manage your e-mail.

Clear My Mail Enterprise Spam Filter includes full virus protection, email audit, group level permission and a wide range of email management features - giving you full control of how your organisations' email is used.

Details: Enterprise Spam Filter

What is a spam filter?

A spam filter is a piece of software that is used to filter our spam email. It is used to protect your inbox from receiving spam email.

There are many types of spam fitlers, some require software to be installed - whilst some work at the network level protecting your inbox from spam before it reaches your computer.

The Clear My Mail spam filter works at the network level. We believe this offers you the highest level of protection available as we block all spam before it gets anywhere near your computer.

Another advantage of using a network spam filter is that you do not have any software to install or manage. This means that there is nothing to slow down your computer and you receive updates to the system automatically when they become available.
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