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Spam Blocker Map

Real-time view of where spam emails are being sent from

Clear My Mail offers guaranteed spam blocking and full virus protection for all email programs, without ever deleting legitimate email.

To view your own personalized spam map signup for a free 30 day trial with ClearMyMail. We will show you where your spam email is coming from and then block all of your spam, guaranteed.

Click & drag the map to scroll, use the "+" and "-" symbols to zoom, click the icons to view the amount of spam sent

This map shows the country of origin of the latest spam emails that have been blocked by the Clear My Mail Spam Blocker. Click on the markers to view the amount of spam that has been sent from each country. Members of ClearMyMail receive a personalized view of where their own spam emails are being sent from - Signup today to stop receiving spam email.

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Easy to use

Our Spam Blocker is incredibly easy to use. The registration process take less than two minutes and with no software to install it will start blocking all spam email instantly. 

Never lose a wanted email

The Clear My Mail Spam Blocker has been designed never to lose legitimate email. If you do accidently block an email then it will be available in our secure storage area for 30 days to allow you to un-do the action.

Virus Protection

Our Spam Blocker also includes full virus protection, which blocks all known virus emails and other dangerous emails before they are downloaded onto your computer.

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