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How to block all spam email with Clear My Mail

ClearMyMail uses a unique 18-stage filtration process to block all spam. The entire system runs from our secure servers, downloading and checking every single message sent to a ClearMyMail customer.

This 18-stage filtration process does use a combination of all 4 methods explained in the guide to "Spam Filters" and then adds our own unique methods of detecting and blocking spam.  The system stops each one when it comes to an uncertainty. When it does come across an uncertain message it does not mark it as spam, it moves onto the next filter, constantly improving its knowledge of the individual message.

If after all of the 18 stages the ClearMyMail spam block system has not blocked the message has spam, then its final check will be against the individual users list of approved senders.

This final stage gives the system a true 100% success rate without ever risking losing legitimate e-mail. If the sender of the message is not on the users list of approved or blocked senders then the system generates an e-mail report the next time they download their e-mail.

This e-mail report lists out any new senders (So it may be a receipt from an e-commerce store), asking the user if they wish to allow or block the sender. Once they have made the decision, it is remembered for next time a message arrives from the same sender.

A key point to remember about this stage is that just about all of the spam has already been removed for the customer, they won’t get the e-mail reports or even have to waste time downloading the spam – it is deleted at the server level.

This unique system is able to correctly block 100% of all spam emails - guaranteed.  Our expert team are constantly improving our methods... latest developments include the ability for our filters to read hidden messages contained in attached pictures - blocking the new form of image based spam.

The ClearMyMail system also assigns each message a trust rating. This trust rating further improves the spam filtering process by determining whether the senders address has been forged – a common practice used by spammers and virus.

ClearMyMail is a new bread of spam filter. It stops all unwanted messages, without the risk of losing legitimate e-mail.

Don't just take our word for it though! Read what our customers say about our spam filter here.

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