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Viagra Spam Emails

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Why do we still get the fake pills emails?

Viagra is probably the best-known product to be advertised by spam emails. Everyone has received a Viagra spam email at some point… but why are the spammers still sending out millions of viagra spam emails every day?

Buying Viagra pills is something that most people wouldn’t want to shout about, so it is an ideal product to buy online. The legitimate pill is named Viagra and produced by the big pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Viagra is a prescription drug in most countries, so to get Viagra pills will usually involve a visit to your doctor.

Pfizer control the production and distribution of Viagra, and it is a legitimate business. Pfizer are not the people who are sending out the spam emails advertising the product, but they do keep the price of legitimate Viagra high which then opens up a market for fake pills and other copies of Viagra.

Countries such as Mexico and India produce copies and different types of Viagra, which are sold online at a much lower price than legitimate Viagra (But usually much lower quality). It is these different types of Viagra pills that are being advertised through the Viagra spam emails that you receive.

The fake Viagra pills are manufactured in poor conditions and the workers will be paid very little, the pills may be sold to the online retailers at a few cents per pill – giving the opportunity of a massive mark-up.

Because of the potential of large profits the competition between the online drug retailers is high, and most will offer affiliate schemes. The affiliate schemes allow anyone to sign-up and promote the online drug retailer in return for a commission on all orders.

The spammers use these affiliate schemes to earn their money. They sign-up as an affiliate of a fake Viagra pills retailer and send out links to the website in millions of spam emails.

They only need a small percentage of people to receive the emails, and then a further small percentage of people to actually buy a product for them to make a good return.

Viagra spam is still one of the most common types of spam emails, but most of them are easily blocked. The spammers are evolving though and constantly changing their spam emails to by-pass some spam filters.

Some spammers use simply methods to try and avoid spam filters, such as using numbers in the world Viagra...


These methods are easily picked up by spam filters though, so some spam emails are now being sent that use some very clever techniques to try and sneak past spam filters.

ClearMyMail is the world’s only 100% guaranteed spam filter, blocking all spam emails (Including all Viagra Spam) before they reach your computer.

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ClearMyMail is the world's only 100% guaranteed spam blocker, stopping all spam and other unwanted emails before they reach your computer.

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