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How our spam blocker stops all virus emails

Our combined anti-spam  and anti-virus software works at the server level protecting your computer from all virus and dangerous email attacks.

Using award winning technology we are able to protect you from all types of email attacks:

Key Anti Virus Features

  • Multi-award winning technology base
  • Protection from virus, worms and Trojans
  • Protection from script attacks
  • Protection from bugs and security problems in existing software
  • Instant updates applied to all accounts
  • Blocks email attacks before they reach your computer

Ease of use

Because the entire system is hosted on our secure servers there is no software for you to install or manage. We fully manage the whole system for you, so you don't need to worry about being up-to-date with the latest virus updates - there are always there for you.

Enterprise level protection for all

We block all spam emails, virus emails and any other dangerous email at the server level - before it reaches your computer. You can open your inbox without any risk!

For the full list of ClearMyMails anti-spam and anti-virus features then please click here.

Ps. If you are concerned about having your e-mail downloaded and stored on our servers then please don't worry... An actual person can never read the mail; the whole process is carried out by a series of automated programs and held in a highly secure environment.

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Customer Comments:

This must be the next great wonder of the world.... Thank you is not good enough. For years I tried getting rid of spam to no prevail.... You people are geniuses.....Sharon
Ms. S Collins, US

I tried this for all of an hour before buying! It is fantastic. Easy to set up and very flexible. I can now check my emails using GPRS without worrying that there will be so many, I am on line for ages! Great product!
Mr. T Stattersfield, UK

Best email protection system available anywhere at any price. I've tried them all, Clearmymail is almost effortless and takes up far less of my time than other plug-in or web based solutions. Customer service actually exists and responds within a very short time (usually less than one day), and they are willing to hear suggestions as well. I fully recommend!
Mr. M Phillips, US

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