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How our Spam Blocker gives Total Protection

PC Answers Editors Choice Award Clear My Mail is a hosted spam blocker. We run the protection software for you on our secure Internet clearing servers.

Clear My Mail is fully compatible with Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Smartphones & Blackberry devices. There is no software to install and you do not have to change your e-mail address.

Our servers download your email and then remove all of the spam and virus emails. You then download the clean mail from our secure clearing servers. You keep the same email address as before and you don't need to change your software or install anything extra.

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Are you losing money and time due to spam email?

You may not realise it, but spam emails are costing you money in wasted time!
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Spam & Virus Emails Sent Out

Every hour of every day millions of spam and dangerous virus emails are sent out around the world. (spam map)

Every day thousands of computers are infected with virus and trojans or subjected to a barrage of unwanted sales and obscene emails.

Without effective spam blockers and virus protection you are leaving your computer open to attack.

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Emails Arrive at your ISP

All emails addressed to you arrive at your mailbox, which is held by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

All of the spam emails, trojans, virus, malware and obscene messages sit here waiting for you to download.

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ClearMyMail collects your mail

Every minute of every day, 365 days of the year, ClearMyMail downloads your email from your ISP.

Each message is then passed through 18 separate spam and virus filters to correctly block all spam and virus attacks.

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You read your email

You read your email in the usual way, you don't need to change your email address or your software.

The only thing to change is that you will no longer be receiving spam emails or virus attacks!

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Spam & Virus Emails Blocked

All spam emails, virus attacks and other unwanted or dangerous emails are blocked at the server level - before you have to download anything.

This offers you total protection, giving you control of your inbox.

All blocked emails are stored securely on our server for 25 days should you wish to view what we have blocked.

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