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How our spam blocker stops all spam email

Our spam blocker constantly checks your mailbox for new mail. 
As each email message arrives it is passed through each one of our 18 spam and virus filters.  Each spam filter has been designed from the ground up to correctly identify spam and junk email without losing legitimate email.

When combined the 18 spam filters give the highest level of protection currently available - including total virus protection.
Anti Spam E-Mail Report Your clean e-mail is then available for you to download as usual.  If someone new has e-mailed you then we will generate what we call the "e-mail report" ready for you to download when you next check your mail.

Putting you back in control of your inbox

Our e-mail reports list out any new senders for you to decide whether or not you want to give them permission to e-mail you (Click the image on the right to view an example).   This powerful feature gives you full control of who can and cannot e-mail you! So not only does the Clear My Mail spam filter block 100% of spam it can also be used to block any other e-mail address.

Spam Protection

We offer the strongest level of spam protection currently available. We are so sure of our spam protection that we offer 100% success guarantee! If you ever receive email from an unwanted sender arrive in your inbox you don't pay for using ClearMyMail for that month.

Indentity Theft, Fraud & Phishing Protection

Also included in the ClearMyMail package is complete protection from identity theft and fraud emails. We cut out fraud (Phishing) emails before they reach your computer.

Virus Protection

The ClearMyMail Spam Blocker also blocks all virus and dangerous emails before they reach your computer. How we block virus emails.

Parental control of e-mail

One option for these e-mail reports is to have them sent to a separate e-mail account you may have... by using this feature a parent could for example have the reports sent direct to them rather than their child.  This would then give the parent control of who can and cannot e-mail their child.  

When used as a parental control the system can be used to screen every e-mail their child receives, signing each one off for delivery as they arrive.

Safe & Spam free e-mail

All of your e-mail will be stored on our highly secure email servers. To read your mail, you use your usual e-mail software - but connect to our server instead of your old mail server. You keep the same email address as before, but without the hassle and wasted time of all of the junk!

For the full list of ClearMyMails anti-spam features then please click here.

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Customer Comments:

This must be the next great wonder of the world.... Thank you is not good enough. For years I tried getting rid of spam to no prevail.... You people are geniuses.....Sharon
Ms. S Collins, US

I tried this for all of an hour before buying! It is fantastic. Easy to set up and very flexible. I can now check my emails using GPRS without worrying that there will be so many, I am on line for ages! Great product!
Mr. T Stattersfield, UK

Best email protection system available anywhere at any price. I've tried them all, Clearmymail is almost effortless and takes up far less of my time than other plug-in or web based solutions. Customer service actually exists and responds within a very short time (usually less than one day), and they are willing to hear suggestions as well. I fully recommend!
Mr. M Phillips, US

I am once again master of my own inbox! No more irritating spam messages. ClearMyMail's customer support response times are incredibly fast and problems are solved very quickly. Altogether an excellent service.

Mr. D Wright, UK

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