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ClearMyMail is the world's only guaranteed spam blocker, protecting home and small business users from all types of spam and Phishing emails.

Media Information

ClearMyMail Managing Director, Dan Field can provide comment to the media about the service.

If however, due to your inquisitive human nature you have stumbled upon this section of the ClearMyMail website, but are not a member of the media; by all means, look around.

If you are a member of the media and cannot find the information you require in this section or you would like to arrange a review, interviews, features, opinion articles or presentations from ClearMyMail, please email us: Alternatively you can contact us by telephone at: 01536 201 890.

Please outline the subject matter, questions you would like to have answered, what kind of piece you are producing (news, feature etc.), your deadline, who else you are talking to about the issue(s) and -if you are from the broadcast media -whether the piece is live or recorded.

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Media Information

Dan is a media professional who is well versed at bringing technical subjects to life with good sound-bites and interesting angles.

Dan can talk about all elements of anti spam and email technology and interesting angles such as the countries where the most spam originates and the companies that are most commonly targeted by spammers.

ClearMyMail is the only anti spam service to offer a 100% no-spam guarantee, blocking all spam, Phishing and other dangerous emails before they reach the customers computer.

Dan has featured as a talking head for the likes of BBC and Commercial radio along with regularly featuring as an expert in IT trade magazines and media.


In recent months, ClearMyMail has been featured in a number of national publications such as The Independent, The Guardian, Web User, Computer Active and more.


Dan Field, Managing Director – – 01536 201 890

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