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Outlook Express Spam Blocker

Guaranteed Spam Blocking

Clear My Mail is the only spam blocker in the world to offer guaranteed spam blocking for Outlook Express, without ever deleting legitimate email.

New Easy Setup

Download our easy setup program for Outlook Express.
(Less than 5 seconds to download).

Blocks All Spam Email

Our Outlook Express Spam Blocker is the worlds only spam blocker that offers a 100% success guarantee. Our system blocks all spam e-mails, before they reach your computer.

Total virus and dangerous email protection for Outlook Express

Our spam blocker also includes award winning virus protection which blocks all virus and other types of dangerous emails before they are downloaded - cutting out any risk to your computer.

No False Positives

A "False Positive" is the phrase given to the accidental blocking of an email message that was not spam.

Clear My Mail has been designed to never delete a legitimate e-mail, which with its unique 100% spam blocking rates makes it the perfect solution for you or your business. See “How to Stop Spam Email” for more information.

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Easy to use Spam Blocker

Our Outlook Express Spam Blocker is incredibly easy to use. The registration process take less than two minutes and with no software to install it will start blocking all spam email instantly. 

Never lose a wanted email

The Outlook Express Spam Blocker has been designed never to lose legitimate email. If you do accidently block an email then it will be available in our secure storage area for 25 days to allow you to un-do the action.

Virus Protection

The Outlook Express Spam Blocker also includes full virus protection, which blocks all known virus emails and other dangerous emails before they are downloaded onto your PC.

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