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Britney Spears Virus Spam Emails

Britney Spears Virus Spam Emails

How to stop Britney Spears spam and virus emails

Spammers try to use popular content within their spam emails, hoping that you will be more likely to open and click-through any links contained within the spam emails if you recognize the subject.

One of the most popular spam titles at the moment is Britney Spears.

Millions of Britney Spears spam emails are sent out every day, some link through to pornographic websites whilst others link through to viruses.

What the Britney Spears Spam emails looks like:

The most recent Britney Spears spam emails have all linked through to a virus file that is aimed at infecting your computer with a virus. They come with various different message subject lines such as:

Subject: Britney Spears Leaves Earth, Humanity Breathes Sigh of Relief

Subject: Britney Spears Net Worth Estimated at $125 Million

Subject: Britney nuthouse motorcade escort cost LA taxpayers $3 million

Subject: World's Muslims Reject Britney's Conversion to Islam

Note how the subject lines try to use topical subjects to entice you to open the message. Once opened the message usually contains a pornographic image that would be displayed instantly when you open the email. The image then links through to a virus file that will attempt to infect your computer.

Where are they being sent from?

Our guaranteed anti-spam filters are blocking thousands of the Britney Spears spam emails every day. Investigations into the source of the spam emails have shown that they are being sent from many countries through infected computers that the spammers control.

The countries that are being used includes, but is not limited to:

United Kingdom
And many others.

Britney Spears Virus

Are the emails dangerous?

Yes, the emails first of all display a pornographic image on your computer… something you may not want to view or allow others who use your computer to view and then the links contained within the emails will attempt to infect your computer with a virus.

If infected your computer can then be controlled by the spammers to send out more spam, or to allow the spammer to hack into your accounts and capture any credit card details you enter onto websites.

What can you do to stop the Britney Spears Virus Spam Emails?

Today’s Internet threats move fast, faster than traditional desktop software can keep up with. ClearMyMail is an online service that protects your email account, removing all unwanted and dangerous emails before they reach your computer.

ClearMyMail was able to block all of the Britney Spears virus spam emails before any reached our customers.

Try a free 30-day trial of ClearMyMail today.

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