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Paris Hilton Spam Email

Paris Hilton Virus Spam Emails

Is Sponge Bob really in her paternity lawsuit?

Paris Hilton is often used in the subject of spam emails, often linking to virus attachments or websites. The vast majority of the Paris Hilton spam emails are obscene and pornographic, so we can’t re-print most of the message subjects here.

Paris Hilton Spam Emails

The most recent Britney Spears spam emails have all linked through to a virus file that is aimed at infecting your computer with a virus.

Some of the more comical subjects from recent Paris Hilton spam emails are:

Spam Subject: SpongeBob named in Paris Hilton paternity Lawsuit
Spam Subject: Paris Hilton Pregnant By Aliens
Spam Subject: Paris Hilton's Bust Goes Missing
Spam Subject: Paris Hilton gets $15 million face lift
Spam Subject: Paris Hilton Had Sex With Aliens
Spam Subject: Paris Hilton Donates Income To Children's Hospital

All obviously made up stories, so why send them out the spam with these strange subject lines?

There are two main reasons why the Paris Hilton spam emails may have strange looking subjects, the first is to try and avoid basic spam filters that are looking for basic keywords and the second reason is to try and entice you into opening up the message.

The comic subject lines of these Paris Hilton spam emails may be just enough to get you to open up the email and then click through to the website.

What danger do the Paris Hilton Spam emails have?

The emails will often contain a pornographic image that will be displayed as soon as you open the spam email. The emails then link through to an infected website download (In this case a file named stream.exe), which will infect your computer with a virus/Trojan.

Once your computer is infected it can then be used by the spammers to send out more spam, or they may use the virus/Trojan to hack into any online accounts you have or capture any credit card details you use online.

What can you do to stop the Paris Hilton Virus Spam Emails?

Today’s Internet threats move fast, faster than traditional desktop software can keep up with. ClearMyMail is an online service that protects your email account, removing all unwanted and dangerous emails before they reach your computer.

ClearMyMail was able to block all of the Paris Hilton virus spam emails before any reached our customers.

Try a free 30-day trial of ClearMyMail today.

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