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Fake Replica Watches Spam Emails

fake watch spam

A review of spam emails that promise fake and replica designer watches

Email spam is a common way of selling fake and replica watches. Spammers are able to send out millions of spam emails offering fake and replica designer watches at discount prices.

The replica watches sold through these spam emails are always illegal forgeries and of very poor quality, often not even worth the discounted price.

What the fake replica watches spam emails look like

The spam emails advertising fake watches come in various forms, some are very simple and will contain a single line of text with a link to the website selling the fakes...

Subject: Replica Watches

Famous Replica Watches ROLEX Cartier Bvlgari

Best Frank Muller replica watches at Replica Classics

[website URL removed by ClearMyMail]

Others try to look a little more legitimate:

Subject: rolex watches

Buy a replica Rolex at only a fraction of the price!

You can safe 15% if you buy 2 or more watches!

Go to that cocktail party with this watch, and be sure to catch people's attention.
You'll have all the class, and still have all your money.
Come to replica watches shop!
[Links removed by ClearMyMail]

The subjects of the emails will also vary, but are fairly easy to pick-up:

rolex watches
Christmas Replica Watches
Replica Watches
Breitling Watches
Tag Heuer Watches

Where do they come from?

The fake replica spam emails are sent from many countries, often from hijacked computers that the spammers have infected with viruses. Some of the countries currently being used include (But not limited to):

South Korea
And many, many more…

Are these types of spam emails dangerous?

Not directly. In general the fake and replica spam emails do not contain viruses (Some do, but most do not) and their aim is to simply try and sell you their fake goods.

The quality of the goods is very poor and the funds of the sales may even be used to fund other criminal activity. So buying from the spammers not only provides you with very poor quality products but you may also be indirectly aiding other crimes around the world.

How to stop fake replica watch spam

Today’s Internet threats move fast, faster than traditional desktop software can keep up with. ClearMyMail is an online service that protects your email account, removing all unwanted and dangerous emails before they reach your computer.

ClearMyMail was able to block all of these fake replica watch spam emails before any reached our customers.

Try a free 30-day trial of ClearMyMail today.

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