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Journalists shot in Georgia – Virus Spam Emails

Journalists shot in Georgia – Virus Spam Emails

A technical review of the "Journalists shot in Georgia" virus spam emails

Using the recent troubles between Georgia and Russia, virus writers are sending out infected spam emails with the subject of “Journalists shot in Georgia”.

The virus emails contain a password protected zip file, which is an effort to try and avoid anti-virus and spam filters (They cannot detect a virus in a password protected file).

What the spam email looks like:

Subject: Journalists shot in Georgia

Turkish television has released video of four journalists on assignment in Georgia being shot at.

The crew from NTV were in an area of Georgian-Russian fighting between the Georgian town of Gori and South Ossetia.

Real photo in the attachment

Attach password: 123 [Attached Zip File, contains virus]

Where are they coming from?

The ClearMyMail anti-spam system is blocking thousands of the Geogia virus emails, which are being sent from many countries including, but not limited to:

South Korea
And many, many more…

The people sending out these spam emails are using thousands of infected computers called a “Bot Net” to send out this virus emails.

These emails are fake, they are not legitimate news reports and contain a virus.

Who are they being sent to?

These emails are being sent out to any type of email address, and are using the news of the Russian/Georgian troubles to try and fool people into opening the attachment.

Why are they being sent out?

These spam emails contain a virus. If you open the attachment and do not have up-to-date virus protection then your computer will be infected.

Once your computer is infected it can then be used by the hackers to send out more spam emails or record your keyboard to allow them to steal your credit card details or passwords.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Today’s Internet threats move fast, faster than traditional desktop software can keep up with. ClearMyMail is an online service that protects your email account, removing all unwanted and dangerous emails before they reach your computer.

ClearMyMail was able to block all of these spam emails before any reached our customers.

Try a free 30-day trial of ClearMyMail today.

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