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ClearMyMail Blocks PDF Spam Emails

PDF Spam
ClearMyMail keeps one step ahead of the spammers, blocking their latest method of trying to by-pass the filters.

One of the latest techniques spammers are using to try and get through spam blockers is to attach a simple PDF file to their emails. This PDF file will then contain their sales message (E.g. "These shares are going through the roof!") making it difficult for traditional spam blockers to know what the message is about – most spam blockers are unable to read the contents of a PDF file.

The majority of these PDF spam emails are simple Pump and Dump scams... where the spammer is trying to raise the price of a companies stock or shares. Because the spam message is contained within an attached PDF file, many spam blockers are unable to read the contents. Blocking all emails with PDF files is not an option either, as this would end up losing legitimate emails.

Another big problem with the rise in PDF spam is the file size… a normal spam email will be roughly 4-8k in size but a PDF spam will often be 24k or more. PDF spam emails will quickly fill up a mailbox and then waste your bandwidth and time whilst you download them. Companies without adequate spam protection are finding their mail-servers quickly filling up with the spam.

ClearMyMail has kept on top of this latest problem with the release an update to their award winning anti-spam software, just before these spam PDF emails became a problem. This new update is able to identify and block the PDF spam before it reaches the mailbox, saving disk space, time and bandwidth.

Dan Field is the Managing Director of ClearMyMail and explained, "Because we are an online service we can react much quick than traditional desktop software filters. As soon as our engineers have identified a new type of spam we can instantly update our system for all of our customers before any spam reaches them".

He continued.

"We also have our unique 100% spam protection technology, this allows our system to block any type of spam email even if it has not been seen before. This ensures that our customers never have to receive spam or unwanted emails again".

ClearMyMail is the worlds only 100% guaranteed spam blocker. The UK based company has been awarded multiple awards including the recent Editors Choice award from PC Advisor magazine. ClearMyMail offers its anti-spam service to home and business users and has customers from over 100 countries.

Media can have a free account for trial or testing purposes – please contact for more information.


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