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How do I setup my Blackberry to work with ClearMyMail?

Your Blackberry service will need its settings changing over to ClearMyMail... otherwise it will be collecting the mail direct before it is cleared.

To setup ClearMyMail on your Blackberry please follow these steps:

    1. Logon to your BlackBerry account
    2. Go to "Profile"
    3. Click on "Other Email Accounts" under Email Accounts
    4. Click "Add Account"
    5. Enter your e-mail address for the EMail Address & User Name column, and then your password
    6. Choose the "I use an email client such as Outlook..." option
    7. Enter these details on the next page:
    Email Server:
    Port Number: 110
    Leave the SSL box unticked
    8. Continue with the remaining settings.

This should then enable your Blackberry service to download your e-mail from ClearMyMail and push it out to your BlackBerry device.

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